In Universitas we have designed a total engagement model that develops the main human dimensions, Intellectual, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual, that contribute to promote an integral leader. 


Our curriculum has been designed based on multiple methodologies that favor the analysis and exchange of ideas and promote the use of digital tools to transfer knowledge and achieve an exponential impact. 



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Our offer


On Campus: Our programs on campus are the 7 star programmes that are taught inside the campus of Universitas.

On the Road: Our programs on the road are the 4 courses specially adapted to be able to be delivered anywhere in the world.

Custom Programme: We offer tailor-made programmes to the allies of our company and other external companies. You can choose amongst 20 modules and build the programme that best suits your needs.



MOOC: We have several free online training courses created by various areas of Telefónica and powered by the MiriadaX platform.

Universitas Talks: All the lectures given in and by Universitas we think are of a special interest, have been and will be recorded. You can watch them whenever you decide to and share them as you wish through our Universitas Talks.