In Universitas Telefónica, we train the employees of Telefónica and other companies to help them become Transforming Digital Leaders, which will allow them to take on the challenges of the digital revolution in which we live. Universitas has a wonderful space, where you can disconnect completely from day to day and focus 100% on your mission during your stay on campus.

The leaders of the future must understand how technology has an exponential impact on the customer, business and societies in which we operate; they must drive the transformation and know how to make the most of a world of infinite possibilities.

We want our leaders not only to change the rules of the game, we want them to change the game.



" We bring together the brain trust, their minds, and all the collective wisdom of the company to discuss strategy, the future, and leadership, amongst other."

- Rory Simpson, CLO, Telefónica S.A.


"These days of reflection can be very helpful to know ourselves better, to understand ourselves better, to see what our great strengths are and to identify areas for improvement."

- Julio Linares, vicechairman of the Board of Directors, Telefónica S.A.